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The Clarity Team Process

The Clarity Team process
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CXO Vision Alignment

Refocus and reenergize your team in as little as 2 weeks!

The Clarity Team Process 1
The Clarity Team Process 1b

Alignment Phase

(1-2 weeks)
Strategic Planning Sessions
  • CXO + Level 1 management receives and completes alignment survey
  • 1x60 min session with Level 1’s to align on CXO Vision, talent philosophies and values
  • 1x60 min session to prepare for roll out and execution of Team Member Assessment
The Clarity Team Process 2a
bThe Clarity Team Process 2a

Assessment Phase

(2-4 weeks)
Team Assessments & V2MOMs
  • CXO & Level 1’s complete Team Member Assessments
  • 1x60 min session for each Level 1 to support completion of Team Member Assessments
  • Daily check- in with Level 1
  • 1x60 min session for Level 1’s to support drafting their own V2MOMs
  • Results are collated for CXO + Level 1 review and alignment
The Clarity Team Process 3a
The Clarity Team Process 3b

Growth Phase

(quarterly recalibration)
  • 1x60 min session with CXO per team to review results
  • 1x60 min session with CXO + Level 1 management to share Level 1 V2MOMs
  • 1x60 min session Individual Development Plan Training session with Level 1’s & Level 2’s
  • 1x60 min session with Level 1’s to kick off Individual Development Plans through Level 2’s
  • Weekly support
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